Troubles, cause and troubleshooting of air blower

Troubles, cause and troubleshooting of air blower

After using period, some troubles or phenomenons can be caused which are need to be timely detected and dealt with. In order to operators easily use and detect , it’s our pleasure to introduce some common troubles and solutions.

Wiring for remote operation of Handsome II air compressor

The compressor can be operated remotely with the LOCAL/REM selector switch on the meter panel. For the remote operation, the following wiring work is required. Before wiring, be sure to turn off the main power and make sure that no electric power is supplied to the compressor.

Desiccants for Absorption air dryer

Activated alumina/Desiccant beads have a white, spherical, non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water and alcohol. They are able to stand out thermal shock and abrasion with highly mechanical stability and strong absorption (impervious). The particle shape does not expand or crack after absorbing.

Swan HTW air compressor

SWAN HTW air compressor series are class II type, class II water cooling, compression efficiency enhancement, solid construction design, safety for use. There are l lubricating spray equipments preventing machines from erosion, minimizing oil loss, dehydration, overload, increasing long-term operation, chilling the cooling water, withstanding high ambient temperatures and reducing working temperature,and extending spanlife of machines.
Compressor equipment diagnostics

Compressor equipment diagnostics

 The faults and problems in the air end operation effect on the whole compressor, on energy consumption, main parameters of the compressor, operational temperature etc.

Air compressor documents

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Air compressor documents

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