Swan HTW air compressor

SWAN HTW air compressor series are class II type, class II water cooling, compression efficiency enhancement, solid construction design, safety for use. There are l lubricating spray equipments preventing machines from erosion, minimizing oil loss, dehydration, overload, increasing long-term operation, chilling the cooling water, withstanding high ambient temperatures and reducing working temperature,and extending spanlife of machines.

Initial Operation & Routine Operation of GRH3 air compressor

Initial Operation & Routine Operation of GRH3 air compressor

Guidelines for inspection of Handsome II

Inspection intervals and inspection items depend on the installation site as well as operating conditions. The table below provides the rough guidlines. Sound operation is expected if the guidelines are followed.

Swan TS-V air compressor

Swan TS-V airr compressor series is a series of machines using inverter to reduce power consumption and have outstanding features of the Swan TS series. Based on operating phenomena to optimize operation, ensure maximum air volume and minimum power consumption, average electricity savings at: 15% - 30%. Protection and advanced control system improved reliability of safe and enhanced operating performance; Air compressor starts at zero speed, extending the machine's durability.
Dyna air compressor

Dyna air compressor

 DYNA air compressors are originated from ROTORCOMP- A leading global cooperation of screw manufacturing techniques which is famous for German pressure technology. Currently DYNA compressors are manufactured with German technology and assembled in Taiwan.

Swan air compresssor TS series

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 Swan air compressor TS series
may nen khi swan ts 37 s


Swan air compressor TS series  are designed to be compact and dedicated, highly durable, imported air end from Europe, fully-sealed motors, modularized air inlet system,user-friendly equipment panel easy to use.





Dimension (mm) 
Dài x Rộng x Cao





1.6/ 1.4/ 1.1






2.0/ 1.9/ 1.6






3.4/ 3.0/ 2.4






5.9/ 5.3/ 4.5















 Swan is made with the latest technology with many outstanding advantages such as:

1.Compact and delicated design.

cum dau nen may nen khi truc vit


Swan air compressors with compact and dedicated design reduces transportation and installation costs. Important components are assembled into a unified package, concentrating pipe, reducing the abrasion and outer volume of the pipe, minimizing the leakage of compressed air; Combined with energy efficiency advanced technology, the system is stable. Soundproof deign, low vibration, soft operation.

2.Energy efficiency, high performance.  

Swan screw air compressor series screw machines applies the latest gear design imported from Europe,low-speed machine body is low speed, capacity upgrade, finely crafted screw, effective capacity, power saving.

3. Soundproof design and small vibration 

-Low movement speed ensures high performance, smooth movement, slow motion speed to ensure low noise, small vibration, high machine durability, long-term operation. - Install an anti-vibration pad on the base of the machine and the motor to help the machine run smoothly, the inlet and outlet of the cold air are placed an extra soundproof box, using thick soundproof cotton, skillful screw, minimizing noise and vibration.

4.User-friendly equipment panel.

man hinh dieu khien may nen khi swan

  -The equipment panel is digitized, automatically controls the movement, clearly showing the movement will be easier to adjust and arrange maintenance. - Abnormal condition, automatically stopping the engine and displaying abnormal incident information, the function table of the the failure recodes the history of damaged information helping easier maintenance and time saving. - Enhance module control circuit and overloading protection level. It is possible to control the remote machine and multiple machines at the same time.

5.Durable and efective transmission system

- Using triangle belt of Europe and America, the characteristics of this belt is the relatively large gripforce, good meandering and high heat resistance. -Use tension control mechanism, maintain the best condition of tension and improve transmission efficiency, high-efficiency transmission system, reduce the tension of the belt while motor and bo are moving. - When the machine is running, it can gradually maintain the tension, last the lifespan of the belt, reduces vibration and noise reducing manpower to maintain and repair, replacing belts easily.

 6.Optimal cooling system.

Constructed to adapt to all driving temperatures, cooling block are designed to withstand high ambient temperatures, good cooling efficiency, compressed air temperature is less than ambient temperature 10 ° C, fan box is designed with sanitary holes, can easily remove dirt on cooling block surface, save manpower and maintenance time

 7.  Operation, repair and maintenance costs saving

-All periodic checkpoints are centralized and easily repaired, shorten repair time, save repair costs; The lid is easy to disassemble, the equipment panel, the filter and all other accessories can be easily separated, helping the rapid replacement of components.

-Use one-way solenoid valve to control air leak and compression, simplify the assembly when the machine stops or  idling,It will push the compressed air into the vein to reduce noise, funtion of a one-way solenoid valve is to the switch quickly, when stop suddenly while operation prevent the viscosity being injected, quick air release Valve reducing the load for power, saving energy .

- Oil and air valve assembly, viscosity; simply piping connection, saving maintenance costs, minimizing pipe erosion , small leakage, centralized pipies.

Structural design of the valves can reduce oil arising, reduce the amount of oil in compressed air; outside the valves have oil recovery device, which helps to control the amount of oil, prevent oil from flowing back and recovers the oil,oil pipe is designed with crystal-clear material, can be clearly observed oil recovery process.


bo phan chinh may nen khi truc vit

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