Technical specification of BDS air compressor

Model and important technical information is to be found on the machine nameplate. Understanding it, the efficiency of operation will be ensured.
Maintenance compressed air system

Maintenance compressed air system

The maintenance compressed air systems are often specified in the system documentation, provided by the manufacturer. In this artical we would like to introduce some rules and maintenance regimes according to general regulation.

Precaution before operation of Handsome II air compressor

Precaution before operation of Handsome II air compressor

Micos air compressor maintenance

Minh Phu Machinery and Technical Services Co., Ltd specializes in repairing, maintaining, supplying MICOS parts: Compressor oil, Oil filter, Air filter, Oil separator . With a well-trained team from air compressor firm Yujin Micos - We commit to satisfy the needs of customers. Please contact 0919 23 28 26 for more details.
Piston air compressor

Piston air compressor

Cung cấp, sửa chữa máy nén khí Piston

Welcome To Minh Phu

Tuesday - 01/01/2019 21:35

We are optimistic, cheerful, talented persons with the hope to become a pioneer in the  Air Compressor - Air Dryer. It is this belief that helps us never be disappointed, always try our best to make dreams come true.

Minh Phu Machine and Technical Services Co., Ltd would love to wish our customers for health and success. Sincerely thanks to you who have trusted and supported us in the all past time.

As an expert in the of Air Compressor - Air Dryer field, we specialize in consulting, supplying, repairing and assembling equipment for factories and industrial zones  in VietNam

Well-trained technical team at very world famous air compressor as well as air dryers manufacture such as Micos, Hanshin, Hitachi, Kobelco, Alas copco, Dyna, Ingersoll rand, Swan, ... we are committed to bring you satisfaction with highly dedicated and professional services. Come to us to enjoy the best services, most reasonable price and thoughtful after-sales service. Our services included:

1. Supply, consultancy, repair, maintenance and assembly of air compressor systems:      

bao duong may nen khi hitachi


2.  Screw air compressor oil supply             


dau may nen khi piston shell corena s2 p100
dau may nen khi hitachi
dau may nen khi kobelco
dau may nen khi micos
dau may nen khi truc vit hanshin
dau may nen khi fusheng
dau may nen khi valvoline
dau may nen khi piston shell corena s2 p100


3. Air compressor accessories supply

lõi lọc đường ống sotras 18
phụ tùng máy nén khí
thermostat valve van hang nhiet dau
tách dầu máy nén khí
lọc tách dầu sotras dùng cho máy nén khí
phụ tùng máy nén khí

                                                                                                                                                                     Best regard!


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