Guidelines for inspection of Handsome II

Inspection intervals and inspection items depend on the installation site as well as operating conditions. The table below provides the rough guidlines. Sound operation is expected if the guidelines are followed.

Swan srew air compresor CS-AD series

Swan screw series CS-AD series air compressors are designed with direct drive , high-performance operation, large air volume, solid mechanical structure design, durability. The control system automatically diagnoses the trouble of achieving perfection and the highest reliability.

Swan HTW air compressor

SWAN HTW air compressor series are class II type, class II water cooling, compression efficiency enhancement, solid construction design, safety for use. There are l lubricating spray equipments preventing machines from erosion, minimizing oil loss, dehydration, overload, increasing long-term operation, chilling the cooling water, withstanding high ambient temperatures and reducing working temperature,and extending spanlife of machines.
Classification, working priciple and application of vacuum pump

Classification, working priciple and application of vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a equipment which is specialized device to remove gas, liquid, steam from the limited and closed space to create a vacuum environment or almost near vacuum.
How does compressed air filter work?

How does compressed air filter work?

Compressed air filter is a device used in compressed air system, it is responsible for filtering dirt, rust, water, lubricating oil ... To find out the working principle of Compressed Air Filter, What does the effect of filter depends on? Please read the following article:

Air filter elements full of trees of U.S.A

Monday - 24/12/2018 22:17

I. Advantage: 

Air filter
Air filter


1: Raise the filter efficiency of the filter element greatly, and lengthen the filter element life time 
2: Fully give play to the role of each filter element, it is better to filter the result. 
3: Elegant appearance, the acid cleaning passivation of interior surface is dealt with, improve corrosion resistance. 
4: The sealing surface is levelled, stop seepage. 
5: The strainer undergoes the test up to 1.5 times of design pressure, make the strainer more safe and more reliable. 
6: Adopt the whole installation way of the filter element, it is convenient and swift to change the filter element. 

II. Use: 

1: Suitable for the drinking water, domestic water, electron, printing and dyeing, textile, environmental protection,etc. industrial water of trade filter and alcohol filter and medicine company filter, not acid-base to filter and the intersection of membrane and former security personnel, RO of reverse osmosis, filter. 
2: The flux is big, low cost of the consumptive material, appearance polish inferior light, the acid cleaning passivation of interior surface is dealt with. 
Technological characteristic: 
Grams of full of trees filter element, Chinese of U.S.A., have different type, the intersection of HE7 grade and the intersection of oil mist and filter element, it filter characteristic layers of anticorrosion protect multi-layer glass fibre and microfiber,filter1.

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