Micom time setting and troubleshooting of the GRH3 air compressor

Micom time setting and troubleshooting of the GRH3 air compressor
Supply Hanshin NXL-3000 oil compressor

Supply Hanshin NXL-3000 oil compressor

Minh Phu Machinery and Technical Services Co., Ltd specializes in providing repair and maintenance services and parts: Oil, Separator, Oil Filter, Air Filter ... for Hanshin compressors.
Maintanance of Korean Micos 75  air compressor

Maintanance of Korean Micos 75 air compressor

 Air compressor maintenance is the entire job of cleaning the compressor and replacing consumable parts after a certain running time (3000hr or 6000hr) to keep the performance of the machine in the best state. . Checking the machine parameters must be within the allowable limits. Standard maintenance extends the life of the device and does not interrupt the operation of the machine. Minh Phu Machinery and Egineering Services Co., Ltd specializes in supplying spare parts,repairing and maintaining screw air compressors. Below are some photos of maintenance of Micos 75 Air Compressor - Korean Yujin that Minh Phu carried out.

Installation and wiring of desicant air dryer (heatless type)

Installation and wiring of desicant air dryer (heatless type)
Common causes and troubles of vacuum pump

Common causes and troubles of vacuum pump

During operation as well as operation of operators '"Malfunction is unavoidable'" Some basic incidents such as: Do not reach vacuum level, pump overload ... With many years of experience, We have successfully repaired many vacuum pumps. The following are some of the reasons why the vacuum pump failures, and some common vulnerabilities with the hope that the operator can identify and take prevention.

Dyna air compressor

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 DYNA air compressors are originated from ROTORCOMP-A global leading cooperation of screw manufacturing techniques, and famous for German pressure technology. Currently DYNA compressors are manufactured with German technology and assembled in Taiwan.

dyna air compressor
dyna air compressor

1. Air end 

Screw  DYNA using α product is the latest technology of inadequate screw set. With sophisticated design incorporating modern German technology, the screw has high durability, compressed air flow creates more than 15 ~ 30%  compared to traditional technology.

On the other hand, when using this advanced technology, it will make the motorcycle down to 30%, achieving unimaginable sound quality. Furthermore, the screw and shafts all use advanced heat-resistant metal, processed according to Germany's precision engineering technology, so the effective density of compressed air is good and saving the maximum energy, reducing the influence of temperature down 0%.

DYNA has developed a durable screw characteristics, good sound quality, high mechanical performance.

2.  Intake control.
Allow the machine to self-close the air inlet to reduce the motor’s load when starting the machine. When a sudden shutdown or no-load occurs, the pressure in the oil case will quickly be discharged. Equipped with over-voltage phase protector make sure that there is no oil spill in these situations such as sudden power failure or shutdown. Machine noise  is minimized while operating.

3.  Cooling System / Aftercooler

DYNA Cooling styles are built by thermal technology of AKG (Germany - the world's most famous cooling technology group) designed 30% larger than the size of Europe, America, and Japan therefore they are suitable for environments in Southeast Asia: hot and humid from 38 ° ~ 40 ° C,  relative humidity from 70% ~ 100%. Allow us to use at ambient temperature of 50 ° C.

 4.  Oil  /Air separator system

DYNA's oil and air separator is made of heat-resistant alloy, the design is combined with stable, high-flow, low-pressure system, equipped with glass oil recovery window for easy Observe the internal situation with the following utilities:  

High efficiency, clean air emissions with oil content below 2ppm.  Provides an additional 30% longer life for the screw set because it is an inverse oil return system that makes the floating layer float on the oil surface to quickly dissolve and cool down, reducing the carbonization of the oil in a way significant. Easy maintenance replacement within 2 minutes by the outer shell clockwise twist design.

 5.  Temperature control system Based on the hot and humid climate of Southeast Asia, the temperature and steam at the most standard level are always cared Based on the amount of  agglomerated oil in compressed air, the BEHR-THOMSON system will automatically evaporate, minimize moisture in the compressed air and adjust the oil temperature, making the oil in the machine always clean, bringing longer life  for the machine.

 6. Control system
With electronic structure, easy operation, a smart combination between synchronous electrical cabinets (allowing many machines to work together concurrently) and inverter equipment.

7.  Dynamic suspension system 
With the self-increasing function and accurately belting provide, the balanced wire during load or unload operation.
Easy maintenance. The automatic control system minimizes the delay of the belt drive system and keeps the machine running continuously for a long time.
DIN 2353 coupling type- advanced technology of Germany Three factors that make air compressor performance inefficient: temperature, oil, pressure. The oil leakage make the compressed air contaminated and the oil vapor adhering on the parts of the machine, especially the cooler, the high temperature will seriously reduce the life of the machine. Therefore the soft pipe system completely has been cut and replaced by a seamless and stainless steel pipe following the D2353 coupling technology. A pipeline system that combines sophisticated and high-tech technology is created considering the best way to combine two connectors of pipes.
The above design belongs to specialized intellectual property of DYNA firm. Each section of the pipe in the machine has exactly matched. Machine space is designed neatly with high accuracy. Fireproof material covers all sides, absolutely safe and quality. 

Minh Phu Machine and Technical Services Co., Ltd specializes in providing maintenance, repair, replacement equipment (Oil and air filter, oil, oil separator, cooler .....) for Dyna air compressors, Dyna airdryers. Come to us, customers will receive the best and fastest services, professional, dedicated and thoughtful style. We have good service after sales, quality goods, reasonable prices ... When you need or have problems with air compressor, air dryer, please call us immediately 0919.23.28.26 fo free advices. A well-trained team with lots of experience, we believe that we will meet all your needs .                                                                                                              

 Best regards !

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Minh Phu provides maintenance and repair services for air compressors, in addition Minh Phu also provides spare parts for air compressors with high quality at reasonable prices. For further information, please contact (+84)919 23 28 26. Sincerely thank you for your interest and your trust of our service. dyna air compressor

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