Process of technical safety audition of pressure

Process of technical safety audition of pressure

The process of technical safety inspection on average is subject to the pressure of QA: 09 - 2014 / BLDTBXH
Piston air compressor

Piston air compressor

Cung cấp, sửa chữa máy nén khí Piston
Compressor equipment diagnostics

Compressor equipment diagnostics

 The faults and problems in the air end operation effect on the whole compressor, on energy consumption, main parameters of the compressor, operational temperature etc.
Compressors equipment maintenance

Compressors equipment maintenance

Each compressor requires well-timed service. Under the service means change the oil, replacement of the oil and air filter, separator, check the belt tension (if it is not the compressor with direct drive), lubrication of the bearings, different type of the valve checking, replacement of the valves if necessary. Also according to the operational manual it is necessary to replace inlet valve repairing kit, minimum pressure valve, thermostat valve and return valve.
Piston air compressor repair

Piston air compressor repair

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Location for installation of Hansome II air compressor

Tuesday - 30/07/2019 23:58

Location for installationis of  Hansome II air compressor very important to the compressor system. Proper place can avoid some bad affects from environment, improve the efficiency  as well as lengthen the life of the machine. Following are some cautions which must be highly considerable to ensure the durable operation. ​​​​​                       

        1.Places to be avoided of  Hansome II air compressor.

  • Avoid outdoor. This machine is designed for indoor use only. 
  • Avoid rain. Use or store in location where the machine is protected from rain. Exposure to rain may cause electrical leakage or rust, as the machine is equipped with electrical parts. 
  • Avoid places where the atmosphere contains a lot of dust such as inron powder and sand , or hamful gases such as chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, zinc oxide, and high concentration ozone. Such subtrates may cause damage to the compressor main body, poor insulation in electric components, deterioration of lubricants, or corrosion in parts. 
  •  Avoid places where the ambient temperature exceeds 40◦C (140ºF). It may cause serious accidents such as burning of the machine and fire. 
  •  Install the machine on a flat and level floor. Placing the machine on blocks may hinder the proper operation. 
  • Avoid places where excessive vibration is expected. 
  • The noise level may change depending on the building construction  and the installation site.

2. Environments to be avoided of  Hansome II air compressor

             Avoid environments where the units my suck in:
  • Mist of cutting fluids from machine tools
  • Exhaust/ smoke from boilers
  • Cracked gases of plastics
  • Vapor of waste water/liquids in food processing plants
  • Emission from vehicles including trucks
  • Any other harmful gases including NH3, SO4  and NOx.
  • Avoid installation in environments where the machine may suck in harmful gasses containing subtances listed above. Sucking  in such gases may cause clogging off the oil separator element, resulting in malfuntional shutdown. 
  • Ventilation to avoid sucking harmful gases/mist.
  • Provide a suction or exhaust fan or ventilation duct.
  • Do not install the compressor in the downstream of gas flow.

3.Installation of Hansome II air compressor space for safe operation.

  • Secure sufficient space away from the outlet above the inlet on both side faces the machine to ensure proper funtion.
  • Secure sufficient space away from the front and upper faces of the machine to ensure proper opening and closing of door, operation, and maintenace. 
4.Install the machine in an enclosed room.
  • Installation of a vetilating fan 
  • Be sure to provide a suction opening to take in fresh air and an exhaust opening to send out the rising air. Equip the exhaust opening with a fan.
  • When the ambient temperature exceed 40ºC (104ºF), the compressor may be shut down due to a high temperature alarm
  • Use the ventilating fan with the specifications equal or better than the following.
Type  HM37A HM37AD
Calorific volume  Mj/h 154 175
Ventialting capacity  Kcal/h 36800 41900
m³/min 430 500
       The above figures are in the case of ambient temperature rise by 5ºC (41ºF) and the static pressure of 0 Pa ( 0       mm H2O).
  • Installation of a ventilating duct.
  • Be sure to install a ventilating duct if a ventilating fan can not be installed. 
  • Do not fix the compressor directly to the duct with screw or others. 
  • Cover the exit of the duct with a metal net to prevent obstacles from entering the duct. Also take necessary measures to prevent rain water from coming in.

           Equip the duct exit with a ventilating fan if the pressure loss in the duct exceeds 50 Pa ( 5 mm H2O).

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