Desiccants for Absorption air dryer

Activated alumina/Desiccant beads have a white, spherical, non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water and alcohol. They are able to stand out thermal shock and abrasion with highly mechanical stability and strong absorption (impervious). The particle shape does not expand or crack after absorbing.
Compressor equipment diagnostics

Compressor equipment diagnostics

 The faults and problems in the air end operation effect on the whole compressor, on energy consumption, main parameters of the compressor, operational temperature etc.

Maintenance of Handsome II air compressor

Compressed air system in factory plays an important role. In order to ensure the stable operation during the manufacturing process, the regulary maintenance is nescessary . However, there are many different problems in fact such as: Air compressors, dusty air dryers, high engine room temperatures, unsecured wind convection ... lead to reduce using time of compressor accessories (air filter, oil filter, oil separator ...). On the other hand, the recommended maintenance in some factories is not seriously followed and there are deviations.
Piston maintenance and repair

Piston maintenance and repair

Piston compressors are widely used in industry (manufacturing factory), with high mobility, simplicity , easy repair, cheap price which are suitable for many objects. Therefore, Piston compressors are widely used in daily life such as: motorbike inflation, car drying , pumping car tires...
Air compressor oil uses

Air compressor oil uses

The movement of screw is pineaple-sharpened, therefore it's nescessary to use lubricating oil with theaim to reduce the corrosion and softly operate. The bearing is completely stay in air end so it is also lubricated with air compressor oil.

New Hiscrew Oil Next-Hiatchi air compressor

Monday - 24/12/2018 02:50

Hitachi compressor oil is produced by Hitachi - one of the Japanese industrial machine brand. Hitachi is a specialized compressor oil for Hitachi air compressor.

Product information 
dau may nen khi hitachi, Hiscrew oil next,
 Hitachi compressor oil 

 Product name     : New Hiscrew Oil Next

- Brand name       :  Hitachi
- Product codes      5 liter can code is  55173301
                               20 litter bucket code is   55173321
                               200 litter drum codde is  55173281
-Origine                 :Genuine 
-Life span                : 12000 hous
- Status    :Available 
- Capacity             : 20L bucket
- Made from                : Japan 
  Highest life span in all air compressor series. 
-   high 
Heat transfer coefficient
- Good lubricating ability 
-  20% saving compared to other ones 
dau may nen khi hitachi hiscrew oil
Dầu máy nén khí Hitachi Hiscrew Oil

Hiscrew oil 2000 was used to be a HITACHI genuine, since 1/2015 it has changed packing specifications into Hiscrew Oil Next
Hitachi compressor oil name change annoucement

Cautions when using Hitachi Hiscrew Oil Next air compressor oil. 

1. Do not mix with other oils. Before replacing the Hitachi oil, it's nescessary to drain total Hitach oil from air end, filters, oil case, cooler. Then clean them before oil change to avoid adhersive oil.
2. Hitachi oil is currently frorged  a lots on the market , Buying in the official agency is nescessary ( to distinguish the fake and the genuine, please see
3. Because of the high cost, otherwise the weather condition and dirty engine room environment , the oil must change at 6000hrs. Therefor, to save the cost, the 
equivalent synthetic oil is the considerable option which ensures the life span and 6000 hrs using time.

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