How to maintain air dryer?

How to maintain air dryer?

Bảo dưỡng máy sấy khí như thế nào? Kiểm tra xe ống thoát khí, thoát nước hình chữ U có thoát khí nén và nước cứng bình thường không. Hãy dọn dẹp một tháng hơn một lần ống thoát hình chữ U. Kiểm tra xem có bộ phận nối ống nào bị rò rỉ không. Hãy duy trì cách ổn định nhiệt độ bên trong ( dưới 38oC) và nhiệt độ cửa vào khí nén ( dưới 38oC). Đồng thời phải dọn dẹp theo chu kì để bụi, tạp chất không phủ lên tụ điện của bộ làm mát sau và máy sấy khí ( cách khoảng 1-2 tuần)
Classification, working priciple and application of vacuum pump

Classification, working priciple and application of vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a equipment which is specialized device to remove gas, liquid, steam from the limited and closed space to create a vacuum environment or almost near vacuum.
How does compressed air filter work?

How does compressed air filter work?

Compressed air filter is a device used in compressed air system, it is responsible for filtering dirt, rust, water, lubricating oil ... To find out the working principle of Compressed Air Filter, What does the effect of filter depends on? Please read the following article:

Airman air compressor

Airman air compressors are manufactured by Japanese Hokuetsu Industries. Founded in 1938, it started using the brand name AIRMAN in 1952,. Through over 70 years of development, Airman has achieved great achievements such as ISO14001 environmental standards, ISO 9001 quality management standards....
Working safely with compressed air  tank

Working safely with compressed air tank

Safely using of compressed air tank is a very important issue, compressed air tank before being used must be tested by KTAT, registered for use following regulations. Users must hand over the managing responsibility the compressed air tank to the equipment manager in writing. Operating of thetanks is only given to people from 18 years old or older, who are physically fit and well-trained. They must be assigned by the employer in writing.

Operation control of GRH3 air compressor

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1.Operation Control of GRH3  air compressor.

Turn on GRH3  air compressor

If it is turned on with the MCB on inside the control box, the controller’s main LCD is activated.
Micom is self-checked and is readily stand-by for operation.

Main Display of GRH3  air compressor.        

Line 1: discharge pressure .
Line 2: discharge temperature .
Line 3: total operation hours .
Line 4: date(YY.MM.DD HH:MM .

If any fault is found in a compressor after turning on Micom, it displays alarm and trip; or, it shows the above display.

2. Operation of GRH3  air compressor Stop.

2.1 To start the operation, press [START] button. Then, [START] lamp is on in red.
2.2 To stop the operation, press [STOP] button. Then, [STOP] lamp is on in green mode.
For schedule operation, press [SCHEDULE] button once to select the schedule  
If pressing [START] button after selecting the schedule mode, a compressor operates and stops in accordance with the pre-defined schedule operation time.
To suspend it during operation, press [STOP] button.

3. Remote Operation of GRH3  air compressor.

A compressor can be remotely controlled. To control the operation or stop, wire the Start and Stop buttons in TR2 of the electrical box as presented in the figure below. For the details, refer to page 40.
<Remote Operation/Stop>
Basically, the operation/stop control and operating status are configured to be remotely outputted by the contact.

1) Operation and Stop buttons should be connected respectively as seen in the above figure.
2) A compressor starts operating if pressing ‘Remote Operation’ button once.

3) If pressing ‘Remote Stop’ button once, a compressor stops after no-load operation for 10 seconds.
4) To remotely check whether a compressor is operating or stops, please use ‘remote signal output’ terminal.

4. Remotely Controlling Load/No-load Operation of GRH3  air compressor.

1) To remotely control load/no-load operation of a compressor, connect the switch as presented in the above TB2.
2) No load operation: no load operation is allowed if connecting +24 terminal to 104 terminal.
3) Load operation: load operation is allowed if +24 terminal is not connected to 104 terminal.

* The operation/stop can be controlled by Micom’s controller even during remote operation.


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