Instruction for operation of Handsome II air compressor

Instruction for operation of Handsome II air compressor

Location for installation of Hansome II air compressor

Location for installationis very important to the compressor system. Proper place can avoid some bad affects from environment, improve the efficiency as well as lengthen the life of the machine. Following are some cautions which must be highly considerable to ensure the durable operation.

Troubleshooting of Handsome II

Troubleshooting of Handsome II
Replacement of air compressor bearing

Replacement of air compressor bearing

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Safety when using GRH3 air compressor

Air compressor operation requires competence and experiences. The users may get some serious injuries in some cases. For the safety purpose, read the cautions and warning specified in the manual carefully and fully understand them for proper use.

Precaution before operation of Handsome II air compressor

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Precaution before operation of Handsome II air compressor

1.1  Unloading
  • When unloading and carrying, use the opening on the base plate of the compressor. The opening are large enough to fit forklift forks, which allows unloading and carying by a forklift.

  • Be sure to read the section “Carrying in” of safety precaution on page 1-4 before starting work. 
  • Make sure the front cover is closed up to prevent it from opening unexpectedly. 

 1.2 Precautions for piping of Handsome II air compressor

  • Vibration may be produced in a long, unsupported piping structure and be transmitted through the pipes, resulting in damage to the devices and components connected to the piping. Therefore, it’s necessary to fix such long piping with approciate supports ( lifting attachment, clamps, and/or uprights). 
  •  When two or more compressor are connected to the same main discharged air piping , be sure to install a stop valve, which can be closed when the compressor is stopped before the main discharged air piping

  • Incline the main discharged air piping toward the flow direction of the discharged air (downward) so that drain water does not stay in the main pipe.
  • When there are recessed/ lowed or vertical section in the piping , be sure to provide a drain valve at the bottom of those section. 
  • Be sure to connect each discharged air piping to the top of the main discharged air piping to prevent drain water from flowing back
  Caution: Prevent drain from flowing back in the discharged air piping.

  1.3  Lubricating oil .

   Precaution for lubrication 
  • Use genuine brand lubricant, “KOBELCO GENUINE SCREW OIL” or the recommended oil listed below.
  • Recommended lubricating oil.
                                                                                                  ISO VG32 equivelent .
Oil manufacturer Brand
Mobil Sekiyu K.K Mobil Rarus 424
Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K Shell Corena Oil S32
Showa Shell Shell Corena Oil S32
ESO Sekiyu K.K Newrex SHT32
  • Never mix different brands of lubricating oil..
  • Maintain the oil level between “H” and “L” during the operation..
  • Do not operate with the oil level higher than “H”. Otherwise, oil may flow out into the discharged air  and cause problems. (It is not abnormal that the oil level exceeds ‘H” when operation is stopped oil returns to the oil separator.
 If the oil level is much higher than that in the previous run, shut down the compressor immediately, drain the oil completely and perform inspection.
       Refilling oil
  1. Press the stop button (red) to shut down the compressor and turn off the power switch. Nhấn nút màu đỏ để dừng máy nén và tắt công tắc điện.
  2. Turn off the earth leakage breaker.
  3. To open the oil supply port of the compressor and loosen the plug with a wrench.
  4. When closing the oil supply port , wipe off spilled oil completely and tighten the plug securely.
      The amount of oil required for change in full is shown below:
                                                                                                             Unit: L
Type  HM37A/AD
Amount 18.0
Caution: The pressure remains in the oil separator for one minute after shutdown. Fill oil under no pressure.
Draining oil
  1. Press the STOP button (Red) to shut down the compressor and turn off the power switch.
  2. Turn off the earth leakage breaker.
  3. Open the drain valve located at the bottom of the oil separator, and the drain valve for the oil cooler to drain off the lubricating.

1.4.Power supply wiring

Selection of power supply transformer.
If the transformer is too small or the wiring is too thin and too long, the motor may not accelerate sufficiently or may fail to start because of a sharp voltage drop at the start. Select a transformer of an adequate capacity for the motor considering proper wiring size and routing.
Selection of power supply breaker:
When installing the breaker for  the main power supply, select an earth leakage circuit breaker.
  • Recommended Earth leakage breakers.
                                                                            Current sensitivity : 100 mA to 200mA
Type  Voltage Misubishi Electric Toshiba Fuji electric
200/200, 220 MN225-SP 3P 150A LMS225-3P 175 SG203B/225
380, 400, 415/400, 440 MN100-SP 3P 71A LMS100-3P 90 SG203B/150

Selection of cables

Power cable: 600V rated EV cables (600 V rated polyethylene cables)
                       600V rated  CV cables:
                       ( JIS C306-93)
Remove the front cover of the enclosure and the power unit box cover, and connect the cables to the power supply terminals.
Earth wire:
  • Connect the Earth wire to the Earth terminal (Marked with E) on the power supply terminal block.
  • The Earth resistance should be 100Ω for 200, 220V and 10 Ω or less for 380, 400, 415, 440V, 415, 440V.
Cable size.
Type Voltage Cable(mm2) Earth wire
Max.5m Max.10m Max.20m Max.5m
200/200, 220 60 60 100 22
380, 400, 415/400, 440 22 22 38

Note: When using a cable with a sectional size more than 60mm2, use a relay terminal so that the cable size on the local side will be 60mm2, or select a crimp contact mountable on the local terminal block and connect the cable.
Local terminal block: FUJIDENKI TV 603
Recommended crimp contact: NOHON CRIMP CONTACT CB100-S8 equivelent
( Type CB 100-8 conformable to the Japan Electrical Manufacturer’s Assciation Standard JEM1399).
  • The power to be supplied is 3-phase 200V (380, 400, 415 V) in the 50 Hz area and 3-phase 200V, 220V (400, 440V) in the 60 Hz area.
  • The earth leakage breaker suitable for the machine should be mounted in the power unit..
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