Wiring for remote operation of Handsome II air compressor

The compressor can be operated remotely with the LOCAL/REM selector switch on the meter panel. For the remote operation, the following wiring work is required. Before wiring, be sure to turn off the main power and make sure that no electric power is supplied to the compressor.
Piston maintenance and repair

Piston maintenance and repair

Piston compressors are widely used in industry (manufacturing factory), with high mobility, simplicity , easy repair, cheap price which are suitable for many objects. Therefore, Piston compressors are widely used in daily life such as: motorbike inflation, car drying , pumping car tires...
Compressor equipment diagnostics

Compressor equipment diagnostics

 The faults and problems in the air end operation effect on the whole compressor, on energy consumption, main parameters of the compressor, operational temperature etc.
Kaeser - Germany repair and maintenance

Kaeser - Germany repair and maintenance

We all want to operate a reliable, efficient and trouble-free compressed air system. Following the equipment manufacturer's daily and weekly maintenance checks can help you to deal with this problem. After all, prevention is better than cure! For many companies, compressed air is considered to be very important for plant operations. Air compressors are high-value machines if it is not well maintained, resulting in high energy costs, the machine can get unexpected incidents affecting the production schedule and even damage the product.

Safety when using GRH3 air compressor

Air compressor operation requires competence and experiences. The users may get some serious injuries in some cases. For the safety purpose, read the cautions and warning specified in the manual carefully and fully understand them for proper use.

Swan air compressor

Thursday - 20/12/2018 03:29
may nen khi swan tcs 75cs

Air compressor CS series 
Horsepower  : 15~100 HP
Pressure : 8.5~13 kg/cm²
Output air :1400~10600 l/min
may nen khi swan ts 37 s

Air compressor TS series 

 Horsepower : 15~50 HP
 Pressure  : 8.5~13 kg/cm²
 Output air   :1100~5900 l/min

may nen khi piston

Piston Air compressor 

Horsepower : 1~20 HP
Pressure : 8 kg/cm²
Output air: 36~2000 l/min

may nen khi lam lanh bang nuoc


 Air compressor HTW series 

Horsepower : 15~50 HP
 Pressure : 12 kg/cm²
Output air : 1446~4234 l/min

may nen khi khong dau wd

 Piston WD air compressor 

Horsepower : 15~40 HP
Pressure : 7 kg/cm²
Output air: 2180~19332 l/min

may say khi swan sde 37a

Swan SDE air dryer 

Match with : 5~250 HP air compressor 
Pressure: 2~10 kg/cm²

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