Working safely with compressed air  tank

Working safely with compressed air tank

Safely using of compressed air tank is a very important issue, compressed air tank before being used must be tested by KTAT, registered for use following regulations. Users must hand over the managing responsibility the compressed air tank to the equipment manager in writing. Operating of thetanks is only given to people from 18 years old or older, who are physically fit and well-trained. They must be assigned by the employer in writing.

Guide of air filter maintenance

Compressed air system in factory plays an important role. In order to ensure the stable operation during the manufacturing process, the regulary maintenance is nescessary . However, there are many different problems in fact such as: Air compressors, dusty air dryers, high engine room temperatures, unsecured wind convection ... lead to reduce using time of compressor accessories (air filter, oil filter, oil separator ...). On the other hand, the recommended maintenance in some factories is not seriously followed and there are deviations. To extend the life of the machine as well as compressor components and ensure operator safety Air compressors are very important to maintain regularly and technically correct.Air compressors, dusty air dryers, high engine room temperatures, unsecured wind convection ... lead to reduced use time of compressor accessories (air filter, loc oil, oil separator ...). On the other hand, the maintenance (maintenance) recommended by the manufacturer in some factories is not guaranteed and there are deviated. To lengthen longevity of mạchine as well as compressor components and ensure operator safety , air compressors are very important to maintain regularly and technically .
Sung Shin - VSD air compressor

Sung Shin - VSD air compressor

Variable Frequency Driver (VFD) -reducing energy consumpsion system is produced with the required amount of air and compressor shutdown under no-load conditions. In order to minimize unnecessary energy loss through the inverter to adjust the number spin of compressor Energy consumption saving arises starting by reducing the starting current as the inverter is operated.
Maintanance of Korean Micos 75  air compressor

Maintanance of Korean Micos 75 air compressor

 Air compressor maintenance is the entire job of cleaning the compressor and replacing consumable parts after a certain running time (3000hr or 6000hr) to keep the performance of the machine in the best state. . Checking the machine parameters must be within the allowable limits. Standard maintenance extends the life of the device and does not interrupt the operation of the machine. Minh Phu Machinery and Egineering Services Co., Ltd specializes in supplying spare parts,repairing and maintaining screw air compressors. Below are some photos of maintenance of Micos 75 Air Compressor - Korean Yujin that Minh Phu carried out.

Guidelines for inspection of Handsome II

Inspection intervals and inspection items depend on the installation site as well as operating conditions. The table below provides the rough guidlines. Sound operation is expected if the guidelines are followed.

Supplier of Micos air compressor oil

Friday - 28/12/2018 03:11

Micos air compressor oil is the screw air compressor oil  series with viscosity of VG 32 , good thermal stability  that will meet all types of air compressors working in the most hash temperature conditions, produced by GS Caltex Corp Korea, one of the world's largest industrial oil producers.

Micos compressor oil used for Yujin-Micos air compressors. With a very modern technology that has been tropicalized completely to suit the climate in Vietnam, using high-quality based oil Micos is an ash-free oil with special operation features for the Air compressors, designed to meet the most demanding requirements of leading air compressor manufacturers.The product formulation is based on high-quality mineral oil and a high-performance additive system that protects the compressor and make the reliability for operation from the pleasant  to hard conditions.

dau may nen khi micos micos oil
Micos Oil

- Outstanding advantages of  Micos oil compressor oil.

+ Using Micos oil compressor oil will make the compressors cleaner and less sediment than other  mineral oils, which helps extend the operation time between maintenance periods.
+ Excellent anti-oxidation and thermal stability ability to extend the use time, while controlling the formation of sediment. These products also have excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion, which enhances the service life and performance of machines.
+ Enhancing the operation of the machine less ash and carbon.
+ Reduce sediment in discharge lines.
+ Reducing explosion ability in discharge system.

+ Enhancing the performance of the compressor.

+ Higher longevity of lubricant oil, great thermal stability and oxidation stability.
+ Improve filter life.
+ Lower maintenance costs.
+ Reducing erosion of silver rings, cylinders, bearings and gears, high loading capacity.
+ Less sedimentation on the below device, excellent water separation ability.
+ Reducing  formation of sendiment in crankshaft and discharge lines.
+ Reducing clogged devices due to agglomeration.
+ Less likely to form emulsions.
+ Enhances the ability to protect valves and reduce erosion of belts and cylinders.
+ Effective prevention of rust and corrosion.

Thay dau may nen khi micos
Replacement of Micos Oil

- Applications of  Micos compressor oil Micos compressor oil is recommended for single and multi-level air compressors. They are especially effective for compressors that operate continuously at high temperatures. The maximum compressed air temperature, according to DIN 51506, is 220 ° C. They are suitable for screw machines and rotary compressors with lower viscosity, mainly used in rotary compressors. Micos is recommended for compressors with a history of excessive oil degradation, poor valve performance or forming oil glue. They are compatible with all metals used in the manufacture of compressors and with fabrication materials and oil seals. Micos compressor oil is not  used in air compressors for breathing applications. The following types of compressors have shown the excellent performance with Micos oils

+ Piston  air compressor
+ Screw compressor
+ Propeller compressor
+ Valve and centrifugal compressor
+ Air compressor system with main gear and bearings
+ Fixed and mobile compressors
* Note: At present, Minh Phu company provides oil of  air compressor  for Micos air compressor with high quality, and competitive price. Please contact us : 0919 23 28 26 for more information. Best regards

HOW TO REPLACE AIR COMPRESSOR OIL In the using process of  air compressors, users often have to periodically change the oil, the oil change recommended by the manufacturer is very important, it helps the machine to be more durable, reducing many incidents , contributing to stability of the manufacturing process in  the factory. However, it is very important to replace the compressor oil correctly, because failure to observe it that may cause you burnt.

thay dau cho may nen khi micos 150
Minh Phú thay dầu cho máy nén khí Micos 150

Carefully read this article will help replace properly screw air compressor .

1. Press the STOP button
2. Disconnect the power
3.Be sure that the pressure in the air compressor drops to the level of ambient pressure (check if the pressure gauge indecates 0 Mpa).
4. Remove the door of the oil case.
5. Remove the discharge oil joining on the oil case.
6. Place the oil pan under the oil discharge valve. Open oil draining valve. Let the oil comes out and close and plud oil draining.

7. Place the oil pan under the oil cooler. Remove oil cooler. Replace the oil cooler.

8. Open and replenish oil into the oil case between 2 red lines.
9. Be sure that the removed devices are reinstalled and tightened, and reinstall the door, the right panel is in the same position.
 10. Reconnect the power. Press START and stop it after 7 or 8 seconds later.
11. Check the oil level on the oil level gauge. The oil level will be lower because there is a bit of circulation in the pipe and in the oil cooler.
12. Confirm that the pressure drops to the ambient air pressure level. Then disconnect the power supply and replenish lubricating oil to the additional oil door.
13. After oil replenishment, cover carefully and firmly. Press the START button again to check the oil level when the compressor is fully loaded.

Note :
- If the oil runs out of viscosity,  a lot of sediments or color change, you cannot recover the system's functions despite cleaning the oil cooler, oil case and oil pipe. You may have to replace the oil cooler and overhaul the entire system (including airend).

Minh Phu provides maintenance and repair services for air compressors, in addition Minh Phu also provides spare parts for air compressors with high quality at reasonable prices. For further information, please contact (+84)919 23 28 26. Sincerely thank you for your interest and your trust of our service.

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