Thermostats for air compressor

Thermostat for air compressor has function of regulating the flow of oil onto the compressor cooler to ensure that the oil temperature and air end are always stable in the allowable temperature.

Some cautions when using GRH3 air compressor

Some cautions when using air compressor. Below are some tips which help to use air compressor durably.
Troubles, cause and troubleshooting of air blower

Troubles, cause and troubleshooting of air blower

After using period, some troubles or phenomenons can be caused which are need to be timely detected and dealt with. In order to operators easily use and detect , it’s our pleasure to introduce some common troubles and solutions.
Supply Hanshin NXL-3000 oil compressor

Supply Hanshin NXL-3000 oil compressor

Minh Phu Machinery and Technical Services Co., Ltd specializes in providing repair and maintenance services and parts: Oil, Separator, Oil Filter, Air Filter ... for Hanshin compressors.
Kaeser BSD 72 - Germany Maintenance

Kaeser BSD 72 - Germany Maintenance

KAESER air compressor company was established in 1919 in Corbug - Germany, with over 90 years of experience, the company has developed a system of selling goods and services on a global scale, through representative offices and authorized agents. More than 5000 employees in over 100 different countries and territories, KAESER is considered one of the three most prestigious and successful pneumatic brands in Europe.

Advantages and applications of Mann Filter air filter

Monday - 24/12/2018 22:49
loc gio mann filter 1,Mann Filter air filter
Mann Filter air filter


Mann air filter has funtion of  cleaning  air into the combustion chamber, helping protect your engine and equipment. In addition, the filter of mann filter removes the smallest particles such as coal, impurities,  from the air flow to ensure that only the unclean line is blown into the combustion chamber. That saves fuel up to 3-4%.

- Persistent operation: high-level production of genuine quality mann air filter is always stable, air filter is very effective and reliable to ensure high dust separation ability - Environment- friendly: Mann air filter core can be completely burned and discharged into the environment without any problems. - Flame retardants: Mann air filter is impregnated with flame retardant to prevent self-igniting when meeting hot smoldering cigarette - Nice design: Mann filter offers a variety of products with hundreds of different styles and sizes suitable for your machines. - Optimal filtering ability: filter material is made from Micrograde G paper with cellulose filter fiber which has elastic structure, absorbs more dirt, longer using time than other normal paper filters.


- High reliability during periodic use and maintenance - Effective filter with high dust separation ability - Low flow resistance - Absolutely no low water for a long time - Filter paper is well-absorbed through fixed folds - Optimal protection for the engine - Effective fireproofing


Used for Atlas copco, Micos, hanshin, Kaser, Fusheng air compressors Used for engines, vacuum pumps, construction machines and some other machinery

Minh Phu provides maintenance and repair services for air compressors, in addition Minh Phu also provides spare parts for air compressors with high quality at reasonable prices. For further information, please contact (+84)919 23 28 26. Sincerely thank you for your interest and your trust of our service. Air filter of Mann Filter, air filter of air compressor, Advantages of  Mann Filter air filter

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