Replacement of air compressor bearing

Replacement of air compressor bearing

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Installation and wiring of desicant air dryer (heatless type)

Installation and wiring of desicant air dryer (heatless type)
Dyna air compressor

Dyna air compressor

 DYNA air compressors are originated from ROTORCOMP- A leading global cooperation of screw manufacturing techniques which is famous for German pressure technology. Currently DYNA compressors are manufactured with German technology and assembled in Taiwan.
Hanshin air compressor maintenance

Hanshin air compressor maintenance

Công ty TNHH máy và dịch vụ kỹ thuật Minh Phú cung cấp các dịch vụ sửa chữa, bảo dưỡng máy nén khí Hanshin. Cung cấp phụ tùng hao mòn: dầu máy nén khí, lọc tách dầu, lọc dầu, lọc gió, van áp suất... dùng cho máy nén khí Hanshin như : Máy nén khí Piston dòng NH, GH, H, Máy nén khí trục vít dòng GRH2, GRH3, GCH, máy nén khí không dầu AL2 120 ....

Troubleshooting of Handsome II

Troubleshooting of Handsome II

10 things need to know when using bearing

Wednesday - 02/01/2019 03:54

10 things need to know when using bearing: When using bearing users encounter some problems such as: How to select bearings, How to choose the suitable grease for bearing/ Is it nescessary to add grease for 2-cap bearing? How to correctly fit it? The everage life expectancy of bearing?How to know symptoms of broken bearing? What methods to know the working status of bearing? How to measure the bearing erosion ? Why using staper beaing which is fitted on the sleeve  make it broken quickier? Some recommened remedies.What should be done when the inner ring or outer rings rotates on the sharft.To answer  these questions, please read the following article:  

thay vong bi may nen khi,Replacing bearing of air compressor 
Replacing bearing of air compressor 


1. How to select the bearing 

See the method of bearing selection here

2. How to choose the suitable grease?

Refering to manufacture's manual to choose the suitable grease

(See how to choose grease for SKF bearing here)

3. Is it necessary to add grease for 2 cap bearing?

The bearing has available 2 steel cap  (-2Z) or two rubber seals (-2RSH or -2RS1) have been pre-lubricated with a suitable type and amount of grease to ensure that these bearings operate to the end of expected life of the bearing.
Therefore, we should not pry the rubber or cap to add more grease, this does not make the bearings work better but may damage the bearings because when disassembling the can disable them , essive grease will make the bearings heated. Moreover added grease may be incompatible with the recommended grease that has been introduced by the manufacturer.
However, in some cases such as applications with vertical or rotating external requiring  special lubrication,  please contact the supplier for details.

4. How to correctly bearing?

Contact to supplier so that you can fit them corectly or you can watch this video:

 See steps to install and disassamble bearing here
 How to remove the roller bearing here

5. The average of life expectancy of bearing

Bearing life in various applications is different.Technically, bearing life is determined by rotations, changes depending on: load capacity, working temperature, environment ( dust, moisture, chemicals..)
These are some symptoms of broken bearing:
-Tenperatura of baring support is abnomal increase.
-Abnomal noise
- Vibration is abnomally increase

By periodically monitoring the parameters and mentioned  descriptions , users can evaluate and predict the operating status of bearings

7. Method to know working status of bearing in using

Mentioned in section 6, bearing status is reflected through pramaters such as : temperature, noise, vibration. Periodically monitoring these will help users evaluate bearing status. Curently, the best effective way to monitor and predict the failurre of bearing is measuring and analizing vibration of bearing.  

Note: Beside  you can refer to  diagnose of  bearing failure

 8. How to measure the bearing erosion.

Every bearing has standardized slit. Measuring, checking requires specilized equipments with high accuracy. The "lead pressing" method applied in somewhere is recommended not to use because of inaccuracy. Normally, after long time using, the erosion on the surface of rolling gloove  is not the same. The peel on the rolling gloove is the main reason causing the failure of bearing if the lubrication will not well-guaranted. Evaluation by feelingdo not allow users to undervest correctly bearing status. 
Curently, monitoring bearing  working status by measuring, analizing vibration and following the frequency of failure is being applied popular with specilized measuring, analizing equipments.

9. Why using staper beaing which is fitted on the sleeve  make it broken quickier? 

Repairing staper bearing is often quickier broken causing due to tightening the screw, the bearing has not enough required inner gap. There is the remaining inner gap after proper mounting.

10. What should be done when the inner ring or outer rings rotates on the sharft

The cause of this phenomenon is due to:
- Bearings are stuck (cannot run) due to loss of internal room or improper lubrication.
- Improper mounting. As a result, the bearing slowly rotates on the shaft when working gradually make the bearing rotate evenly in the shaft. The best method is to replace the shaft. In case it is not possible to replace it, the method of re-welding and re-processing for correct mounting can be used. However, the care must be taken during machining to avoid offset.develop gradually to make the bearing rotate evenly in the shaft or on the drive

Minh Phu provides maintenance and repair services for air compressors, in addition Minh Phu also provides spare parts for air compressors with high quality at reasonable prices. For further information, please contact (+84)919 23 28 26. Sincerely thank you for your interest and your trust of our service. Replace bearing of air compressor, SKF bearing of air compressor, 10 things need to know when using bearing

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