Instruction for operation of Handsome II air compressor

Instruction for operation of Handsome II air compressor

Dyna air compressor

Máy nén khí trục vít Dyna
Sung Shin air compressor-Korea

Sung Shin air compressor-Korea

Sung Shin air compressors - Korea has been professionally manufacturing screw type air compressor for 40 years in South Korea; therefore, Sung Shin air compressors that are produced based on innovative technology and accumulated experience are already being recognized as the best product by many customers who work in various industrial fields.

Precaution before operation of Handsome II air compressor

Precaution before operation of Handsome II air compressor

Part list of Handsome II air compressor

When ordering parts, specify the machine type , part name, part numbers to our authorized distributor. Use Kobelco genuine parts when replacing worn parts or repairing. Using non-genuine parts does not guarantee  proper funtions and may result in a failure.

Air compressor applications

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Sung shin air compressor 

Air compressor is widely used in many fields, specifically: 

1. Manufacturing industry.

Air compressor creats compressed air with high pressure in order to: 

-Promote machinery and equipment to make lower or higher goods (pneumatic lift equipment) used to handle cargo.

- Compressed air is used to impact paint sprayer. For example: creating steam for paint sprayer is mounted on the spraying robot arm of samsung phone shell, painting metal surfaces such asship hull .... - Compressed air is used to control automatic devices in manufacturing industries.

For example: Compressed air is used to control aluminum bar cutting machine.

- Produce vacuum packaging to last for the using time

- Clean equipment:

+Eliminate dirt or iron filings on the surface of the material.

+ Contact and clean the tiny space. 

+ Avoid abration and scratch on the surface of materials, especially the materials which can not be cleaned by solution.

- Metallurgy industry: Compressed air for metal melting, hot and cold rolling, packing Bundling panels.

- Printing industry: Compressed air for pumping and printing equipment.
- Compressed air for cutting and welding.

For example: Compressed air provides for  laser, welding gun...

2.Contruction and decoration industry. 

- Transporting or pumping concrete : In some works, using truck mixer is unconvenient, so it's nescessary to use the air compressor's driving force to transport and pump concrete.
- Ventilation: oxygen deficiency is easily caused under ground condition, air compressors can provide enough oxygen (compressed air quality to be completely clean, oil-free air compressors can provide free-oil air, odorless, hygienic, clean, dry, harmless to the workers.

- Air compressor is combined to drill for hole drilling, wall drilling ....

-  Air tools such as nail guns is often used in repair, decoration of carpentry industry

3. Car, motobike, bikecycle industry.

Dust cleaning: Compressed ai is sprayed with high intensity can clean dust, tiny contaminants on the surface of the material, even going deep into groove without any way of contact.

- Dry the car, motobike....

- Combine to gas airsoft guns to pump to load air (inflatable) wheels.

-Surface treatment:

+ The sheet metal is deformed, the paint is run down, etc. To restore them, it must be flated surface, grinded, polished, etc. These gas tools must be used air compressors. .

+ Compressed air for spraying, sand blasting (sand blasting closet in the general spraying system in shipbuilding industry, manufacturing gas tank, etc.) for surface treatment before painting.

-Compressed air is combined used in combination with air tools such as air tools, pneumatic screwdriver, etc. to install, disassemble screws of components, necessary drilling tools, etc.

-Use oil-free air compressors to create compressed air that impacts paint sprayer or other equipment to metal surfaces or other materials such as car electrostatic painting (avoid oil and impurities making painting failure).

-Rescue: Vehicles are broken on the the road, needed to replace wheels or components, in the working environment without electricity, the main energy source for operating gas appliances is from the compressor motor.

 4.Mining industry

-Ventilation: when working underground (mining mines, coal, ore, ...) is very likely to occur oxygen deficiency, air compressors can provide oxygen-containing compressed air to the mines .. (As mentiones above the oil-free air compressors providing oil-free, odorless, hygienic, clean, dry, will be harmless the health of workers. Oil-free air compressors have can provide the necessary working energy without generating emissions affecting human health, the air without oil also eliminates the risk of explosion.

- Compressed oil with very strong driving force can operate gas equipment.
- Used for exploration of depth: compressed air has a very strong driving force, can be used for exploration with high economic efficiency, often combined with other gas tools such as gas drill ...

5.Chemical industry

-Fermentation: Use oil-free air compressors to create compressed air that provides oxygen to ferment all kinds of bacterium that produce chemicals.

-Chemical transport: Air compressors using Diesel oil are often used in the transport of chemical products, in unloading, loading and transporting goods.

> -The process of transporting and producing PET must use compressed air generated from oil-free air compressors.

 6. Food and beverage industry 

(Note:Because of the specificity of this group, the used gas must be clean and free oil and other toxic impurities. Therefore, an oil-free air compressor should be used.)
-Use oil-free air compressors to create compressed air used in transmission pipes, such as powdered milk, cocoa powder and powdered foods.

- Compressed air is used to clean the tray and molds.

- Compressed air can control automatic production equipment and complete packing, filling, bottling, etc.

- Fermentation :used  in producing beers and winening etc. 

- Quickly cool roasted or baked foods that have just been done

- Applied in blowing high pressure bottles to create plastic bottles etc.a

- Filling  : Use compressed air to fill products, such as packing plastic paper, etc.

- used to milk a cow. 

7.Pharmaceutical industry (note: the oil free air compressor should be used )

-Packaging: Compressed air for transporting tablets,powdered pharmaceuticals, packaging blister and bottling.

- Production of antibiotics: In the process of producing antibiotics, compressed air is used to provide adequate oxygen for bacteria.

-Speeding up the drying process: Supplying oxygen to push the drying process of materials and medical equipment. - Compressed air used to wash the medicine shell.


- Compressed air used in vehicle brakes, such as high-speed rail, trains, subways, railways etc. - Closing and opening car doors. - adjusting rail tracks. - Controlling subway automation. - controling automatic machineryon ship 9.Health - Compressed air is used for sterilization. - In dentistry: Dentistry often uses high-speed handhelds, blowers, 3-function sprayers, etc., all take advantage of compressed air source to push, because compressed air is in direct contact with the oral cavity. - Many medical devices need air compressors to operate.
10.Environment and energy protection.

- Petroleum: used in oil refining process, liquid transport, packaging.
- Control wastewater flow, oxidation of waste water tanks
- Put into water to increase the oxygen content and circulation of the water, which can alter the quality of the water.
- Generate energy, can also be used in manufacturing generators, in wind power plants.
- Promote combustion of incinerators.
Example: Promoting combustion of incinerators in cement production plants.

 11. Entertainment industry 

- Compressed air is used to push (spray) water streams to create special effects.
- In amusement parks, there are many devices that must use air compressors to be able to move, such as ferris wheel, roller coaster ...
- Fill gas for basketball, balloon, rubber boat, swimming float, gas tank for swimming pools and steam boats

Minh Phu provides maintenance and repair services for air compressors, in addition Minh Phu also provides spare parts for air compressors with high quality at reasonable prices. For further information, please contact (+84)919 23 28 26. Sincerely thank you for your interest and your trust of our service. sung shin air compressor,Air compressor applications

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