Common causes and troubles of vacuum pump

Common causes and troubles of vacuum pump

During operation as well as operation of operators '"Malfunction is unavoidable'" Some basic incidents such as: Do not reach vacuum level, pump overload ... With many years of experience, We have successfully repaired many vacuum pumps. The following are some of the reasons why the vacuum pump failures, and some common vulnerabilities with the hope that the operator can identify and take prevention.
Working safely with compressed air  tank

Working safely with compressed air tank

Safely using of compressed air tank is a very important issue, compressed air tank before being used must be tested by KTAT, registered for use following regulations. Users must hand over the managing responsibility the compressed air tank to the equipment manager in writing. Operating of thetanks is only given to people from 18 years old or older, who are physically fit and well-trained. They must be assigned by the employer in writing.

Fleetguard Filter

Lọc Fleetguard
Air end repairs

Air end repairs

After air end diagnostics, our engineers estimate the necessary repairs and provide calculation of the repairs and necessary spare parts

Airman air compressor

Airman air compressors are manufactured by Japanese Hokuetsu Industries. Founded in 1938, it started using the brand name AIRMAN in 1952,. Through over 70 years of development, Airman has achieved great achievements such as ISO14001 environmental standards, ISO 9001 quality management standards....

Air compressor repair

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Air compressors are very important for manufacturing lines. Understanding failures that arise during using time and how to fix them will minimize the loss. This article will help you find out the phenomena, the causes, and how to deal with the failures of screw compressors.

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Screw air compressor repair 





Failed starter (The light-emitting often turns on) 

1. Contactor is burnt
2. Incorrect  or lacking phase
3. Loose connection of cable or small contact surface.
4. The supply voltage is too lo
5. Motor does not work
6. The main structure does not work

1. Check electrical lines for maintenance or replacement
2. Check electrical lines for maintenance or replacement
3. Check electrical lines for maintenance or replacement
4.  Check electrical lines for maintenance or replacement
5.Check power lines for maintenance or replacement 6. Turn the main device on, if it does not spin , contact the company or the seller.


The inlet pressure is lower than the outlet pressure

1. The user’s consumption  is greater than the amount of  supplied air<
2. Clogged air filter
3. Intake valve cannot completely open
4. Pressure function is wrong  or parameters are set too high
5. The minimum pressure valve does not work
6. Oil and air separator is clogged

1. a,  Air consumption reduce
    b, Check if the air is leaking on the pipe
2. Clean or replace air filters
3. Check the operation of the  intake valve
4. Repair or replace pressure pipe unless reset
5. Check or repair the minimum pressure valve
6. Check and replace oil and air  separation equipment

The intaken air pressure is higher than the unload pressure setting

1. The transport pipe pressure is not working properly or the parameter is highly  set
2. The unload part does not work
3. Air leaked on the pipe

1. Repair or replace pressure lines, or start and reset the parameters
2. Check the part that does not load normally
3. Check and clean leaked pipes</span

The pressure system is too high (higher than the pressure in the tank)

1. The transport pipe pressure is not working properly or the parameter is too high 2. The unload part does not work 3. Air  leaked on the pipe. 4. Too old and damaged gaskets 5. Oil pipe system is leaked 6. Poor quality  and bubbily oil

1. Check if the unload part is working properly  
2. Check pressure pipe
3. Check if the control pipe is leaking
4. Replace oil-gas separator
5. Check / repair theminimum pressure valve

High discharge temperature

1. Lack of lubricating oil  
2. The ambient temperature is too high
3. The cooler on the side is blocked
4. Clogged oil filter
5. Temperature control valve work
6. The type of lubricant is not correct
7. Cooling fan does not work
8. Broken temperature sensor

1. Check the oil level in oil case

2.Improve the ventilation system and reduce room temperature. 

3. Clean the cooler 

4. Replace oil filter

5. Check whether oi is cooled or not, it not repair and replacement the temperature control valve. 

6.  Check oil style and replace 

7. Repair or replace cooling fan or motor 

8. Replace temperature sensor 

The outlet air temperature is lower than parameter


1. The ambient temperature is too low

2. The temperature control valve doen not working

3. Incorrect thermometer

1.Reduce the temperature around cooler  

2. Repair or repair temperature control valve

3.Check and replace the temperature gauge or sensor 

the over heated oil, Short oil transporting  cycle

1.Excessive oil, the oil level in the oil case  is too high 

2. Oil returns filtering  or controling line makingit clogged  

3. Gasket of separator is broken

4. Gasket is too old and broken

5. Leakage in oil system

6. Oil is poor quality 

1.Check oil level, take excessive oil out 

2. Clean components and oil pipes, replace if nescessary.

3. Check separator parts and repace if nescessary.    

4. Replace gasket

5.Check the pipes and clean the leaking position.  

6. Replace new oil with recommended requirement 

Oil flows from upper air filter and coagated.

1. Unload orload in very short time 

2.Minimun pressure valve is leaked 

3.Air in contactor is insufficient  

1.a, Repair intake valve

  b, Check the closing time of relay and other power lines 
2.Repair minimum valveand replace if nesscessary
3. Check shutdown valve


Frequently switches between load and unload

1.The pipes are leaked  

2.The pressure parameter is lowly set

3. Unbalanced air consumption.

1. Check the possibly leaking position

2. Reset new parameter

3.Improve storage capacity  of tank, add pressure valve if nescessary.

Some common faults of air compressor have just mentioned above 

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