Classification, working priciple and application of vacuum pump

Classification, working priciple and application of vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a equipment which is specialized device to remove gas, liquid, steam from the limited and closed space to create a vacuum environment or almost near vacuum.
Piston air compressor

Piston air compressor

Cung cấp, sửa chữa máy nén khí Piston
Kaeser BSD 72 - Germany Maintenance

Kaeser BSD 72 - Germany Maintenance

KAESER air compressor company was established in 1919 in Corbug - Germany, with over 90 years of experience, the company has developed a system of selling goods and services on a global scale, through representative offices and authorized agents. More than 5000 employees in over 100 different countries and territories, KAESER is considered one of the three most prestigious and successful pneumatic brands in Europe.
Compressors equipment repairs

Compressors equipment repairs

Screw air compressors are in the important position in the industrial process, therefore all aggregates break and troubleshooting affect to industrial process in general and have not expected results. Screw air compressors quality and advantages are undeniable, but every mechanism is run-out eventually, some parts do not operate stably, some are out of operation.

Guidelines for inspection of Handsome II

Inspection intervals and inspection items depend on the installation site as well as operating conditions. The table below provides the rough guidlines. Sound operation is expected if the guidelines are followed.

Control of condensate

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During  process of repairing and maintaining the air compressor system for our customers, some questions related to the issue of condensation and discharge usually asked, such as: If the discharge is not stopped and the condensate is not discharged properly How many ways to discharge condensate? How long does it take to discharge the condensed water How many minutes to stop discharging per time,   when to stop condensing? How to discharge condensate before starting HISCREW ? .. etc. So,e this article is written with hope to answer some of your questions.

máy nén khí hitachi, Hitachi air compressor
Hitachi air compressor


1. If you do not discharge the condensate or discharge is not correct, what will happen?

    - Running the compressor for long time without draining may cause  not only troubles to the Rotor  and Bearing in its air end, but other major troubleslike rusting inside equipment .
    - If draining condensate is not taken, it will stop in trap, air end, oil case, pipes and even follow compressed air  to factorides,compressed air mixed water can damage the good quality, rusting inside the manufacturing equipments, and damage the products of company. 
For example: 
Companies producing electronic components, food manufacturing companies ... highly require dried air. For textile companies, if compressed air has water to dampen the fibers, it is too difficult to clean ...

2. How many ways to condensate discharge?

- There are two ways  + Automatic water discharge (set time for automatic discharge machine) + Discharge water by hand (Operator of discharge machine) 3.How long have you need to discharge? Frequency of condensate discharge?
 -  Depend on machine capacity, type, and using condition ( moisture of environment..), The method will be different. 
-  In normal condition, About 20 minutes discharge 1 time. Each time is about 15-30 seconds. However, depend on using time, users can change the suitable time r

-  If the compressor is long unused time, operators have to discharge completely water in the trap.
4. Control of condensate 
- The oil temperature control valve controls the oil temperature and thus prevents the condensate from being produced in the oil case under the normal conditions.
- Dưới các điều kiện hoạt động dưới đây, có thể vẫn xảy ra ngưng trong bình dầu:
-The ambient tempeature and relative humidity is as high as :
    + 30 and more than  80%
    + 40 and more than 50%
-HISCREW stops and restart repeatedly  
-The oil cooler cools the oil excessively 
If this case. open the oil draining valve and checkiff the condensate comes out. Drain the condensate as required. 

5.Draining the condensate before starting the HISCREW

  • Make sure that the  HISCREW  is not operating and  the discharge pressure gauge reads 0 MPa 

  • Close and then unplug the oil draining valve on the pipe extended from the oil case.

  • Place the oil pan under the oil draining valve

  • Open oil draining valve

  • The oil comes out and the condesate follows .

  • When the oil starts to comes out again,close and plug the oil draining valve.

Notes :
If the condensate discriminable from the lubricant,check its viscosity by your finger tips while draining. Be sure the condensate is well cooled before touching it. If the condensate sticks to your fingers, the lubricant is coming out. 

- If the compressor is long unused time, operators have to discharge completely water in the oil pan.

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