Airman air compressor

Airman air compressors are manufactured by Japanese Hokuetsu Industries. Founded in 1938, it started using the brand name AIRMAN in 1952,. Through over 70 years of development, Airman has achieved great achievements such as ISO14001 environmental standards, ISO 9001 quality management standards....

Thermostats for air compressor

Thermostat for air compressor has function of regulating the flow of oil onto the compressor cooler to ensure that the oil temperature and air end are always stable in the allowable temperature.

Guidelines for inspection of Handsome II

Inspection intervals and inspection items depend on the installation site as well as operating conditions. The table below provides the rough guidlines. Sound operation is expected if the guidelines are followed.

Swan TS-V air compressor

Swan TS-V airr compressor series is a series of machines using inverter to reduce power consumption and have outstanding features of the Swan TS series. Based on operating phenomena to optimize operation, ensure maximum air volume and minimum power consumption, average electricity savings at: 15% - 30%. Protection and advanced control system improved reliability of safe and enhanced operating performance; Air compressor starts at zero speed, extending the machine's durability.

Swan HTW air compressor

SWAN HTW air compressor series are class II type, class II water cooling, compression efficiency enhancement, solid construction design, safety for use. There are l lubricating spray equipments preventing machines from erosion, minimizing oil loss, dehydration, overload, increasing long-term operation, chilling the cooling water, withstanding high ambient temperatures and reducing working temperature,and extending spanlife of machines.

High temperature of mobile air compressor, Komatsu

Wednesday - 02/01/2019 03:51

Mobile air compressors is movable, suitable and widely used in industries such as construction, mines, bridges ... Due to harsh working conditions in the dirty environment. In order to ensure the machine work stably, a very important issue is regular and periodic maintenance. Currently, Airman and Komatsu (Japan), Keaser (Germany), Sullair (USA), Bolaite (Atlas copco firm), Loyalair (Taiwan), Khaison (China), Elgi (India) are the most popular mobile air compressor  in Vietnam

sửa lỗi nhiệt độ cao may nen khi di động komatsu, airman
Airman PDS655 air compressor maintenance


Mobile air compressor uses Diesel  and electric engine. In VietNam air compresssor using diesel engine is more popular. When using diesel, we're often  trouble with some errors such as: High temperature, weak output air flow, oil loss, red tubo, black discharge smoke ... .. In this article we shall provide you a number of reasons and ways to deal with failure of high temperature  in mobile air compressors:  Komatsu,Airman ...

Mobile air compressor using Diesel engine such as Komatsu, Airman PDS 750S, Airman PDS 655S, Airman PDS 450S, Airman PDS 499S, Airman PDS 390S ... .. high temperature failure consists of 2 part: heat generator from diesel and compressed air.




Overheated mortor

Cooling water  is dirty

Clean, rinse by specalized chemical

Cooling water lack

Add cooling water

Cooling water tank is clogged

Check and  clear the tank                           

Cooling fan is weak or broken

Repair or replace 

Lubricant is too dirty of lack

Add Repalace 

Leaked air discharge gasket(air is discharged directly to engine) 

Repace gasket

NOTE : Using cooling water, you had better use specialized water or treated water to avoid remains cutting cooling effect down.


High temperature of mobile air compressor

-Oil is too dirty that reduce heat dissipation capability

- Oil lack

-The replaced oil is not correct

-Replace oil( specialized oil)

Add oil( When the machine's operating , oil level is between 2 bars of oil level gauge)

Cooling fan is broken or weak

Repair or replace 

Oil filter is clogged 

Replace oil filter

Cooling system is clogged, dirty or returning oil pipe is clogged

Clean cooling system 

Mchanical contact:

+worn or broken bearing

+ Not concentric

+ Screw surface, mirror surface are  deformed

Replace bearing and recalibrate

Check the crew and miror surface

Thermal sensor is broken

Replace sensor.

Oil throttle valve is broken 

Repair or replace it

Ambient temperature is too high

Improve ventilation system

high temperature of  PDS airman  air compressor , mobile PDS airman maintenance,  komatsu air compressor mantenance.

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