Wiring for remote operation of Handsome II air compressor

The compressor can be operated remotely with the LOCAL/REM selector switch on the meter panel. For the remote operation, the following wiring work is required. Before wiring, be sure to turn off the main power and make sure that no electric power is supplied to the compressor.

Micos air compressor maintenance

Minh Phu Machinery and Technical Services Co., Ltd specializes in repairing, maintaining, supplying MICOS parts: Compressor oil, Oil filter, Air filter, Oil separator . With a well-trained team from air compressor firm Yujin Micos - We commit to satisfy the needs of customers. Please contact 0919 23 28 26 for more details.

Air compressor parts supply

Supply air compressor parts and accessories : oil filters, separators, oil filtersair ends etc..
Compressors equipment maintenance

Compressors equipment maintenance

Each compressor requires well-timed service. Under the service means change the oil, replacement of the oil and air filter, separator, check the belt tension (if it is not the compressor with direct drive), lubrication of the bearings, different type of the valve checking, replacement of the valves if necessary. Also according to the operational manual it is necessary to replace inlet valve repairing kit, minimum pressure valve, thermostat valve and return valve.
Process of technical safety audition of pressure

Process of technical safety audition of pressure

The process of technical safety inspection on average is subject to the pressure of QA: 09 - 2014 / BLDTBXH

How to choose Hanshin air dryer capacity

Wednesday - 26/12/2018 05:01

During the installation of the air compressor system, the calculation and selection of the right and appropriate equipment (capacity, flow) is a very definitely important. It helps investors have a smart and economical choice and meets the production needs of the factory ... So, How to choose a air dryer to match the capacity of the air compressor?

may nen khi hanshin grh3 50a,How to choose Hanshin air dryer capacity
How to choose Hanshin air dryer capacity


Depending on each compressor manufacturer, there are different options. However, it can be based on the compressed air flow of the air compressor, we can choose the suitable air dryer. In this article, the hanshin air compressor system is taken as an example. Select hanshin air dryers according to the capacity (flow) of compressors.
bảng tra công suất máy nén khí hanshin,How to choose Hanshin air dryer capacity
How to choose Hanshin air dryer capacity

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How to choose Hanshin air dryer capacity,choose Hanshin air dryer capacity,

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