Supply Hanshin NXL-3000 oil compressor

Supply Hanshin NXL-3000 oil compressor

Minh Phu Machinery and Technical Services Co., Ltd specializes in providing repair and maintenance services and parts: Oil, Separator, Oil Filter, Air Filter ... for Hanshin compressors.
Kaeser DSD 202 air compressor  repair and maintenance

Kaeser DSD 202 air compressor repair and maintenance

Kaeser DSD 202 air compressor repair and maintenance
Compressors equipment maintenance

Compressors equipment maintenance

Each compressor requires well-timed service. Under the service means change the oil, replacement of the oil and air filter, separator, check the belt tension (if it is not the compressor with direct drive), lubrication of the bearings, different type of the valve checking, replacement of the valves if necessary. Also according to the operational manual it is necessary to replace inlet valve repairing kit, minimum pressure valve, thermostat valve and return valve.

Operation control of GRH3 air compressor

Operation control of GRH3 air compressor

Safety when using GRH3 air compressor

Air compressor operation requires competence and experiences. The users may get some serious injuries in some cases. For the safety purpose, read the cautions and warning specified in the manual carefully and fully understand them for proper use.

How to control lubricants?

Wednesday - 19/12/2018 21:01
quan ly dau boi tron nhu the nao

1. The compressor oil runs out of viscosity without replacement, it will  stick on oil separator  and heat separator due to oxidation.

2. Periodically replace lubricants and oil separator according to maintenance standards. Dirty oil may cause the oil separator burnt.

3. Check the lubricanting level with the oil level gauge on the oil case  when the machine is operating (loading operation). Normally if it is between 2 red lines

-  when it's over the upper red line showing excessive oil. Stop the air compressor and then check if there is any residual pressure remaining inside, discharge excess pressure with the draining  valve on the oil case  etc.

- If the oil level is leser than lower red lines. Stop the air compressor then check the residual pressure, replenish lubricants. Periodically replenish lubricating oil to maintain the stable oil level. Long time operation without oil replenishment may shorten the using time and damaged oil.

- The time for oil replenishment may carry out from 1500-2000 hours operating time( total oil replenishment is determined by oil level, it can change depending on loading rate of air compressor).

- Oil analysis  had better be caried out for every 3000 operating  hours, the oil change is up to the analyzied result.

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