Thermostats for air compressor

Thermostat for air compressor has function of regulating the flow of oil onto the compressor cooler to ensure that the oil temperature and air end are always stable in the allowable temperature.
Piston air compressor

Piston air compressor

Cung cấp, sửa chữa máy nén khí Piston
Valvoline air compressor oil

Valvoline air compressor oil

Valvoline is belonged to Ashland Inc. USA was founded 1866 by Dr. John Ellis to be the first people creating the valve lubricating for system steam engine.

Electric wiring and Power Facilities of GRH3 air compressor

Electric wiring and Power Facilities of GRH3 air compressor

Desiccants for Absorption air dryer

Activated alumina/Desiccant beads have a white, spherical, non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water and alcohol. They are able to stand out thermal shock and abrasion with highly mechanical stability and strong absorption (impervious). The particle shape does not expand or crack after absorbing.

How to operate air dryer?

Wednesday - 26/12/2018 04:26

How to operate a air dryer? After installation the next step is to test and operate the machine. So, what should be noted before the test ? and how to operate, to minimize incidents and increase durability for air dryers?

sua chua may say khi tac nhan lanh air dryer,operate air dryer
operate air dryer

1. Test air dryer system

- In case of test after installation is completed, operate after fully checking the following items:
- Check parts:
+ Check the assembly of compressed air piping system, is there any abnormal and malfunctioning things with standard power supply?
+ Is the valve in the round system closed?
+ Is the valve in the outlet duct system open? + Is the pressure of compressed air normal?
+ Check the power of the fuse, the power of the disconnecting device used for electricity is different from the specified capacity.

+ Is the air outlet of the filter and the air intake of the air dryer working well?

2. How to operate the air dryer.

- When the power light is on, the machine starts operating. After the refrigerant compressor operates, if the pressure gauge of the refrigeration unit is only 3.5 ~ 4.5, it means the machine is operating normally.
- When the dryer works for about 5 minutes, blow compressed air of compressed air gradually into the air dryer (when blowing compressed air, if opening all the valves, internal parts and equipment can be broken).
- Note: after disconnecting the device and want to operate again, please wait 5 minutes. When disconnecting the machine for more than 1 day, remove all hard water manually inside the machine

3. Daily check air dryer

- Check whether the U-shaped discharge pipe has compressed air and normal water. Clean up U-shaped exhaust pipe a month more than once. - Check to see if there are any leaks - Maintain the internal temperature (below 38 oC) and the door temperature of the compressed air (below 38 oC). At the same time, it must be cleaned periodically so that dust and impurities do not cover the capacitors of the cooler and air dryer (about 1-2 weeks/ time)

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