How to maintain air dryer?

How to maintain air dryer?

Bảo dưỡng máy sấy khí như thế nào? Kiểm tra xe ống thoát khí, thoát nước hình chữ U có thoát khí nén và nước cứng bình thường không. Hãy dọn dẹp một tháng hơn một lần ống thoát hình chữ U. Kiểm tra xem có bộ phận nối ống nào bị rò rỉ không. Hãy duy trì cách ổn định nhiệt độ bên trong ( dưới 38oC) và nhiệt độ cửa vào khí nén ( dưới 38oC). Đồng thời phải dọn dẹp theo chu kì để bụi, tạp chất không phủ lên tụ điện của bộ làm mát sau và máy sấy khí ( cách khoảng 1-2 tuần)

Operation control of GRH3 air compressor

Operation control of GRH3 air compressor
Kobelco Genuine Screw Oil

Kobelco Genuine Screw Oil

Kobelco( genuine- screw oil) has googd quality. Although the company declined to disclose the chemical composition. However, after using a lot of positive feedback are received about product quality. Although the company has announced that it is only dedicated to its machine, we have tested it for many different air compressors and have not encountered any other problems such as oil glue, scaling, loss ability of lubrication and cooling...

Air compressor parts supply

Supply air compressor parts and accessories : oil filters, separators, oil filtersair ends etc..

Electric wiring and Power Facilities of GRH3 air compressor

Electric wiring and Power Facilities of GRH3 air compressor

Overheated screw air compressor

Wednesday - 02/01/2019 03:14

Screw air compressor is overheated 

Due to friction and compression pressure, the compressed air temperature of screw air compressor is maintained at  65ºC - 90ºC. However, after  period of use, the compressed air temperature can be up to 95ºC - 110ºC and  even higher, causing the machine to stop working. Users should pay attention to this to have an early fix. The cause may be due to one or more of the following factors: 

may nen khi truc vit micos
air compressor





-Dirty compressor oil :

+ Machine operates in long timwe without oil replacement, dirty oil decrease heat dissipation capability

+Poor quality  or  incorrect type of oil.

+Oil level is too low

+ Oil is black and muddy + New oil has changed color abnormally even though the machine runs in a short time. Oil is bubbling.


+ Replace new oil. When replacing the oil, you must make sure that the old oil is removed (in the oil case, oil filter, cooling system and air end)
+ New oil must be specialized oil of screw air compressor.


Lack of oil: + The amount of oil enough for operation of the machine is within 2 red lines of oil level gauge when the machine is operating + The amount of oil is lower than the bottom line

+Replenish  more oil 

Oil cooling fan is broken 

The cooling fan is broken, not rotating or weakly rotating Replace or repair
The cooling system is clogged or the oil circulation is blocked,

The temperature difference between the two oil circulation poles is low.

Remove the cooling platform and use a specialized solution (eg Butin) to clear.

Suction throtte valve and temperature control valve is broken 

Check if the oil is cooled when going through the cooler Check oil suction throtte valve And repair or replace the temperature control valve if nescessary.

Oil filter is clogged

The pressure difference between the two inlet and outlet outlets of the oil filter is high.

Replace oil filter

Cooling fan is broken 

It doens't spin or weakly spin 

Repair or replace cooling fans and electric motors
Mechanical collision: + Bearings are worn, broken balls + not concentric + Screw or mirror surface is deformed

Abnomal noise .

Replace and recalibrate .
Check screw, mirror surface

Ambient temperature is too high 

measure the ambient temperature

Improve ventilation and reduce room temperature
The side cooler is clogged



Clear it

Failure of thermal sensor is signaling to the instrument panel incorrectly.

Unstable temperature

Check and replace thermal  sensor 


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