Air compressor parts supply

Supply air compressor parts and accessories : oil filters, separators, oil filtersair ends etc..
Replacement of air compressor bearing

Replacement of air compressor bearing

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Compressors equipment maintenance

Compressors equipment maintenance

Each compressor requires well-timed service. Under the service means change the oil, replacement of the oil and air filter, separator, check the belt tension (if it is not the compressor with direct drive), lubrication of the bearings, different type of the valve checking, replacement of the valves if necessary. Also according to the operational manual it is necessary to replace inlet valve repairing kit, minimum pressure valve, thermostat valve and return valve.
Piston air compressor repair

Piston air compressor repair

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Maintenance process of air blower

Maintenance process of air blower

Basic steps of air blower repair and maintenane as below:

Some common faults of inverter- air compressor using inverter.

Wednesday - 02/01/2019 03:58

Some common faults of inverter- air compressor using inverter.

Nowaday,   there are many different types of inverters and  diffent firms has various types depending on the needs from simple to complex, more and more perfect and  improved they are . These inverters may vary in structure and component details but the  principle is almost the same.

Whatever inverter is using most ICs combined with transistors, voltage stabilizer, capacitors and various componients such as resistors, pulse transformers ...

The dynamic circuit must have thyristors, transistors and power diodes ... to make direct inverter or indirect inverter.
sua bien tan may nen khi,inverter- air compressor
inverter- air compressor

Here are some common failures in a specific inverter (Japanese production) using 3-phase 3 * 220V, 3A power. MIKI PULLEY'symbolized l VM1- 04-2, from here can reduce the problem in another inverter.

a. Failure of control circuit

The source region is the most damaged place because most of the ICs as well as other active components are very sensitive to the fluctuations of  electricity, the wet and dust environment; abnormal increase or decrease of the power supply, high temperatures,  chemically contaminated air,  or near the sea causing damage to internal components

Connect the power, turn on the switch for starting the inverter , but the motor supplied powerfrom the inverter does not work. the LED do not light up. If measuring the output voltage at 3 phases U, V W indicates 0 but the power still enough to supply 3-phase power on R, S,T, definitely the source is failed. Then keep checking, the fuse does not break, the voltage is remained after the transformering, it mean the rectifier bridge, diodes or filter resistors are broken. The power switch is turned on but the fuse is immediately broken that means the cause of the problem may be: AC transformer is broken;lines cooled; filter capacitor risk; short- circuited rectifier .. The failures are arranged in following order:
+ Primary or secondary coil is short circuit.
+ The parasitic filter capacitors, leaked one-way filter capacitors, short circuit.
+ Explosion of stabilizing diodes.
+ The rectifier diodes are broken Finally, check the resistors, capacitors, ceramic capacitors. Particularly, transistor and IC have little damage and if it is damaged, it'll be definitely difficult to detect and require experience to find out.
-The source,the LED is still good, but the device cannot run or work improperly, the damage usually occurs in the inverter. Measuring One-way voltage; checking whether the VR potentiometer (to adjust one-way U into the circuit) broken or worn out?

Control system consists of synchronous transformers, AC voltage regulator circuit and filter circuits; active components such as IC algorithms for comparison:

Digital ICs for control circuits; Non-synchronous control circuit requires quite complex techniques; There are many specially tuned cores which have been manufactured by the experts  specialized in  measuring devices with high accuracy to ensure the symmetry of control edge a for all channels. You had better not twrist , adjust these components. The best way is to clean it, use compressed air to blow away all dirt from the printed circuit and components. Use a hair dryer to blow heated air into moistured areas. Tighten the screws at the  connection points, firmly tighten the plugs, weld the cracked components if nescessary.  The machine works well after using some simple tips above. Nomally, the components in the control circuit are less damaged as in the dynamic circuits.

b. Failure of dynamic circuit 

Control circuit is still good; Turn on the switch: The Power-RUN light is still light up, but after a few seconds the inverter gradually heats up, the circuit automatically cuts off the power, the LED turns off. The main reason is due to short-circuit. Check the printed circuit from the three-phase source R, S, T to the A-K poles of thyristors, power diodes if there is any touch, cool touch? Check if there is any lines on the printed circuit that peels off, spits out or scorched marks
Cut off the power, touch each thyristor,  diode, if you encounter any hotter led than all of those, that's position where the problem happened. Using welding torch to remove damaged components from the printed circuit to check with multimeter,  replace new components with the same code if damaged,
Check the lines from the K pole to the wiring board, on the printed circuit that leads to U, V, W, must check all the components on the circuit related to the K pole of this broken thyristo,  connect the inverter to work again, it everything's fine. Measure voltage values ​​at standard points and compare with inverter of the same type.

Minh Phu provides maintenance and repair services for air compressors, in addition Minh Phu also provides spare parts for air compressors with high quality at reasonable prices. For further information, please contact (+84)919 23 28 26. Sincerely thank you for your interest and your trust of our service.

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