Swan TS-V air compressor

Swan TS-V airr compressor series is a series of machines using inverter to reduce power consumption and have outstanding features of the Swan TS series. Based on operating phenomena to optimize operation, ensure maximum air volume and minimum power consumption, average electricity savings at: 15% - 30%. Protection and advanced control system improved reliability of safe and enhanced operating performance; Air compressor starts at zero speed, extending the machine's durability.
Supplier of Micos air compressor oil

Supplier of Micos air compressor oil

Micos air compressor oil is the screw air compressor oil series with viscosity of VG 32 , good thermal stability that will meet all types of air compressors working in the most harsh temperature conditions, produced by GS Caltex Corp Korea, one of the world's largest industrial oil producers.

Specifications of Handsome II air compressor

Minh Phu Machinery and engineering Services Co., Ltd specializes in repair, maintenance and supply of parts for Handsome II air compressors with high quality, reliability and long-term warranty. Please call Minh Phu 0919232826 for more details. Belows are specification of of Handsome II air compressor.
Troubles, cause and troubleshooting of air blower

Troubles, cause and troubleshooting of air blower

After using period, some troubles or phenomenons can be caused which are need to be timely detected and dealt with. In order to operators easily use and detect , it’s our pleasure to introduce some common troubles and solutions.

Desiccants for Absorption air dryer

Activated alumina/Desiccant beads have a white, spherical, non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water and alcohol. They are able to stand out thermal shock and abrasion with highly mechanical stability and strong absorption (impervious). The particle shape does not expand or crack after absorbing.

Structure, classification of air dryer,

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Air dryers used in compressed air systems are equipment used to dry compressed air. There are two common types of air dryers: refrigerated and absorption air dryer.

1. Rerigerated air dryer:

Air-cooled air dryers are devices producing water by cooling the steam of compressed air and spraying it outside the compressed air system. To get the highest efficiency, assemble the filter and manage the discharging work in the drain of the air intake tank thoroughly.


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2.Absorption air dryer

Absorption air dryers are compressed air drying devices with a drying agent, also known as a water-repellent, which absorbs water vapor in moist air. The device consists of two cylinders, the first vessel contains the drying agent and carry out the dehumidification process, the second flask regenerates the absorption capacity of the drying agent. Commonly used drying agent: Silicagen SiO2, temperature of -50oC dew point, regeneration from 120oC to 180oC

Minh Phu provides maintenance and repair services for air compressors, in addition Minh Phu also provides spare parts for air compressors with high quality at reasonable prices. For further information, please contact (+84)919 23 28 26. Sincerely thank you for your interest and your trust of our service. Structure, classification of air dryer, Clasification of air dryer, refrigerated air dryer, absorption air dryer,

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