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Supply air compressor parts and accessories : oil filters, separators, oil filtersair ends etc..
Sung Shin - VSD air compressor

Sung Shin - VSD air compressor

Variable Frequency Driver (VFD) -reducing energy consumpsion system is produced with the required amount of air and compressor shutdown under no-load conditions. In order to minimize unnecessary energy loss through the inverter to adjust the number spin of compressor Energy consumption saving arises starting by reducing the starting current as the inverter is operated.

Airman air compressor

Airman air compressors are manufactured by Japanese Hokuetsu Industries. Founded in 1938, it started using the brand name AIRMAN in 1952,. Through over 70 years of development, Airman has achieved great achievements such as ISO14001 environmental standards, ISO 9001 quality management standards....
How does compressed air filter work?

How does compressed air filter work?

Compressed air filter is a device used in compressed air system, it is responsible for filtering dirt, rust, water, lubricating oil ... To find out the working principle of Compressed Air Filter, What does the effect of filter depends on? Please read the following article:
Air dryers repairs

Air dryers repairs

Atmospheric air always contains moisture: the higher temperature, the higher humidity is typical for the air. However, when compressed air is accumulated moisture, the water is condensing on the internal parts of the equipment and pneumatic systems. It is the case of corrosion and reduce the equipment lifetime. Therefore usually the additional air treatment equipment, like air dryer are used to avoid the accumulation of moisture in the pneumatic system.

The air compressor making loud noise

Wednesday - 02/01/2019 23:43

Using air compressors in long time  without peridical  maintenance or incorrect maintenance will cause some problems that affect the  manufacturing proccess of factory. In this article the problems of making strange sound during air compressor  operation will be introduced. 

bao duong may nen khi kyungwon

 Kyungwon air compressor


                              The faults and remedies  for the loud noise  of air compressor .

Faults for the loud noise  of air compressor

Remedies for the loud noise  of air compressor

 Mechanical structure: G7 machines  is less noise.

- Bearing is loose 

- Not concentric

-Poor lubrication or insufficient flow into the compressor head.

-The  gears are broken or inverted  (If it is a direct drive)

V-belt is not well-aligned, making V-belt slip or it is time to replace V-belt (indirect V-belt  drive) 


- If the sound is like hising wind, then you can check the suction line.

If it is problems of  direct drive machine ,  the gears probaly is broken or incorrectly installed , others causes are the same as the  V-belt indirect drive machine.

- To indirect drive machine, the loud noise of  machine is  because the V-belt do not balance  making V-belt slip or  it is time to replace new V-belt , the bearing must be replaced so the scrapped screw causing a loud noise and other causes are due to  the equipment erosion.


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