Airman air compressor

Airman air compressors are manufactured by Japanese Hokuetsu Industries. Founded in 1938, it started using the brand name AIRMAN in 1952,. Through over 70 years of development, Airman has achieved great achievements such as ISO14001 environmental standards, ISO 9001 quality management standards....
Sung Shin air compressor-Korea

Sung Shin air compressor-Korea

Sung Shin air compressors - Korea has been professionally manufacturing screw type air compressor for 40 years in South Korea; therefore, Sung Shin air compressors that are produced based on innovative technology and accumulated experience are already being recognized as the best product by many customers who work in various industrial fields.
Supplier of Micos air compressor oil

Supplier of Micos air compressor oil

Micos air compressor oil is the screw air compressor oil series with viscosity of VG 32 , good thermal stability that will meet all types of air compressors working in the most harsh temperature conditions, produced by GS Caltex Corp Korea, one of the world's largest industrial oil producers.
Kaeser air compressor maintenance -  CSD and CSDX Series

Kaeser air compressor maintenance - CSD and CSDX Series

New CSD screw air compressor meets all customer requirements: high energy efficiency, low noise, very smooth running, easy use and maintenance, providing good quality compressed air. All these advantages are achieved through innovations in airend design, drive systems, cooling and ventilation ...
Valvoline air compressor oil

Valvoline air compressor oil

Valvoline is belonged to Ashland Inc. USA was founded 1866 by Dr. John Ellis to be the first people creating the valve lubricating for system steam engine.

Why is pneumatic system widely used in industry?

Saturday - 22/12/2018 05:27
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Why is pneumatic system widely used in industry? Pros and cons  of pneumatic system.

 1. Pros:

   - Simple structure, easy usage and control. 

   - High reliability .

   - High safe in hash environment such as radioactive and  chemical environment.

   - Eáy automation 

   - Low designing cost.

   - Remotely working, quickly-responded.

   - The dimension is larger than hyraulic system with the same capacity.

   - Working effect is depended on compressiveness.

   - Easily impacted because of high speed. 

   - The loud  noise is due to discharged air through doors. 

   - Lower accuracy than other systems because of  given velocity.

Notes:  Although there are some cons, pneumatic system is widely used because the mentioned cons is not decisive.  

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Pneumatic system, Why is pneumatic system widely used in industry?,  pros and cons  of pneumatic system.

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