Safety when using GRH3 air compressor

Air compressor operation requires competence and experiences. The users may get some serious injuries in some cases. For the safety purpose, read the cautions and warning specified in the manual carefully and fully understand them for proper use.

Thermostats for air compressor

Thermostat for air compressor has function of regulating the flow of oil onto the compressor cooler to ensure that the oil temperature and air end are always stable in the allowable temperature.

Wiring for remote operation of Handsome II air compressor

The compressor can be operated remotely with the LOCAL/REM selector switch on the meter panel. For the remote operation, the following wiring work is required. Before wiring, be sure to turn off the main power and make sure that no electric power is supplied to the compressor.
How does compressed air filter work?

How does compressed air filter work?

Compressed air filter is a device used in compressed air system, it is responsible for filtering dirt, rust, water, lubricating oil ... To find out the working principle of Compressed Air Filter, What does the effect of filter depends on? Please read the following article:
Kobelco Genuine Screw Oil

Kobelco Genuine Screw Oil

Kobelco( genuine- screw oil) has googd quality. Although the company declined to disclose the chemical composition. However, after using a lot of positive feedback are received about product quality. Although the company has announced that it is only dedicated to its machine, we have tested it for many different air compressors and have not encountered any other problems such as oil glue, scaling, loss ability of lubrication and cooling...

Why should compresed air loss be concerned?

Tuesday - 01/01/2019 22:56

Surveying many factories, somethings which  many operators ignore is compressed air loss. So, Why should compresed air loss be concerned?, How many losses in compressed air system? Some common causes? 

1.Why should compresed air loss be concerned?

When using compressed air system for a long time without regular maintenance, it may make: - Reduce air flow, the system can not fully meet the demand for exploitation and use.
- Large pipe losses cause high working frequency of air compressor, less break time leads to lower life of the machine, increase repair cost and affect production.
-Make high energy consumption costs (increase costs for user units).
The energy consumption cost of the compressed air system averages 10% of the total energy consumption of the whole factory.

chi phi ton that,Why should compresed air loss be concerned?

  Chart of total cost analysis for a compressed air system in a 10-year operation cycle It can be seen that energy costs for operating systems account for a significant portion of 73% of the total cost. On the other hand, According to the Sankey chart:       
 biểu đồ Sankey,Why should compresed air loss be concerned?
Why should compresed air loss be concerned? - Sankey
biểu đồ thể hiện chi phí bị lãng phí do dò rỉ khí nén ứng với từng kích thước lỗ hở,Why should compresed air loss be concerned?
Why should compresed air loss be concerned?
The charts have shown that energy costs and losses are huge. Therefore, to increase the life of the machine, reduce repair costs, energy costs and stabilize production, we need to pay attention to loss of compressed air. 

2. What are the types of losses in air compressor systems?

- According to Sankey chart: There are 7 types of losses in compressed air system:
+ Transmission and distribution losses
+ Electric motor loss,
+ Transmission and distribution losses.
+ Loss of air compressor.
+ Loss of gas tank.
+ Pipe and valve losses.
+ Used pipe losses

3.Common causes for reduced air flow:

+ Air leakage on pipes
+ Using too much air compared to the original design
+ Decreasing air compressor productivity

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