How to choose air tank

How to choose air tank

The air reclever tank is an important device in the compressed air system with these following function of: Accumulating gas, stabilizing pressure, Increase idling time, condensating water in the output etc..

Swan HTW air compressor

SWAN HTW air compressor series are class II type, class II water cooling, compression efficiency enhancement, solid construction design, safety for use. There are l lubricating spray equipments preventing machines from erosion, minimizing oil loss, dehydration, overload, increasing long-term operation, chilling the cooling water, withstanding high ambient temperatures and reducing working temperature,and extending spanlife of machines.
Piston air compressor repair

Piston air compressor repair

Minh Phu Machine and Technical Services Co., Ltd specializes in repairing, maintaining and supplying Piston air compressor parts: air compressor oil, air filter, oil cap, cement ... . Please contact us (Mobile: 0919 23 28 26 - Email: for professional services and competitive price.

Swan air compressor CS series

The SWAN air compressor CS-1 series are modular in desig reliability, simple maintenance and quiet operation. Using Germany air end and accurate control components, stable quality consistent with the real needs of users.

Air compressor parts supply

Supply air compressor parts and accessories : oil filters, separators, oil filtersair ends etc..

Why should we use Air Filter for compressed air system?

Wednesday - 02/01/2019 23:54

The compressed air filter is very popular and widely used in compressed air systems. It brings a  huge and significant advantage, but in fact, some factories do not use compressed air filters, why? Why should we use Air Filter for compressed air system? If we do  not use, does it affect anything? Benefits when using compressed air filter? How long does it take to replace the filter? we would like to answer those question with the following article.

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Replace compressed air piping element 

1. Why should we use Air Filter for compressed air system?

Air contains impurities such as dirt, various types of hydrocarbons and water under moisture form , they are sucked into air compressors and compressed as well as  discharged will bind to oil particles. These contaminants  togethet react producing emulsions and compounds that can cause the abrasion and corrosion. If the air filters are not used , your risk will have increasing such as:
+ Damage,life reducing or  the  pipeline system bloking , the risk increasing  of leakage on the system.
+ Reducing the life span  as well as the using efficiency compressed air equipment
+ Product quality reducing
+  The stability of the production process and all related parts will be limited However, in fact, there are many manufacturing factories  that do not install compressed air filters because the installation  depends on the user’s purpose. On the other hand, in some factories compressed air devices have been available in air filters so we won't see the air filter behind the compressor.

 2. Benefits of using compressed air filter?

+ Improving product quality, increasing the life of compressed air equipment.
+ Easily remove and discharge condensate (manual water  and automatic discharge)
+ Effective filter, negligible voltage drop
+ Compact and  easy  installation
+  No power supply need
+ Durability
+ Anti-corrosion treatment brings higher operating life of filter.
+ Structural parts in filter are made of stainless steel.
+ Voltage drop is displayed to  warn as filter need to be replaced
+ The replacement is simple and fast + Compatible with systems with different technology compressors.
3. How long do the filters need to be replaced?
The time of replacing the filter core is recommended by the manufacturer, which can be based on the clock mounted on the filter. Each manufacturer has a different replacing  time. However, does the filter replacement time depend on the dusty environment? Is it depend on  the amount of oil produced by compressed air (in the case of an air compressor failure) ? ... Therefore, depending on the actual conditions and conditions of use it is decidede to  change filter  appropriately  

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